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I'm a Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineer, with a background in Telecommunication engineering.


Being a curious guy, I do my best every week to learn something new and to keep myself up to speed with the latest news and technologies.


On a more personal note, I like talking to people, writing blog articles, exercising, and being with family and friends.

If I'm interested in something, you might find me writing about it on Medium.


In June 2021, I founded Artificialis, an online community of Machine Learning, programming and technology enthusiuasts and practitioners. You can find us in our Discord server, or our Medium publication.

Machine Learning & Computer Vision Engineer.

  • Birthday: 12 December 1998
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  • City: Rome, Italy

I currently have 2 years of experience working as a Machine Learning Engineer, mostly in the field of Computer Vision.

My experience includes the design, development and deployment of state of the art and custom Machine Learning solutions.

I have worked on world-selling products, ranging from social media and open source intelligence, security, to maritime intelligence, agriculture, and more.


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